2 Chainz launches his own legal marijuana brand

2 Chainz is the latest rapper to join in on the legal cannabis industry.

The Atlanta emcee recently announced the launch of his own premium cannabis brand, Gas Cannabis Co.

The brand’s strains are differentiated by premium gas percentages (87, 89, 93), with the 87 line described as being “the most affordable.” The 89 Gas line supplies a “supercharged and powerful” but a “smooth ride,” while the 93 Octane is “high-quality, super premium GAS… with the signature deep aroma, 93 will keep your engine running smoothly.”

The newly announced brand will also feature pre-rolled joints, concentrates, topicals, and edibles in their product line.

“I know quality Gas by the look, the feel, the smoke. Gas stands for one thing, and you’ll know it when you experience it,” said 2 Chainz in a press statement. “It’s top-end, but at an affordable price, because I want everyone to be able to understand that Gas is the real fire.”

2 Chainz has advocated for cannabis legalization long before launching his brand, and once famously debated TV personality Nancy Grace on the topic.

Gas Cannabis Co. products are available now at the Westside Station dispensary in Van Nuys, California, and will soon be distributed throughout more legal dispensaries.